Graffiti Spray Wall

Graffiti Spray software is used as an alternate to photobooths or greenscreen systems. It is highly interactive and allows your guests to take a photo in front of our white projection screen we use as a backdrop, and then we instantly load your photo to the large screen for your guests to doodle, paint, and graffiti the image with their own personal touch and our specially designed Graffiti Spray paint cans. You can fully edit the stamps, stencils, and banners in Graffiti Spray. It can be custom branded for any event and you are in control or use our design team. Graffiti Spray is perfect for Weddings, Corporate Events, Marketing Events, Festivals, all type of parties and events, etc. and for all ages.

Space requirements: Dimensions: 10'w x 10'l x 8'h
Power Requirements: 2, 110v/15amp circuits

Pricing for this exciting new interactive service:
(Includes unlimited quantities of prints, 2 operators, all accessories and equipment.)

plus fuel surcharge of $30-90.00 depending on the location
plus 11% amusements and sales tax in Maryland

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