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Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Questions

(primary paints are European Body Art body paints and so answers refer to that product)

Q. How long do the tattoos last?

A. The temporary tattoos last on average 2-7 days depending on your skin type and where you put your tattoo. Legs, in general, last the longest, then arms, then back, and then chest/stomach. Oily skin will cause the tattoo to come off faster than normal skin. Furthermore, if your customer loves to wear tight clothing, it is not recommended that the tattoo be placed directly under that. Also, wet clothing will just wear off the tattoo. If your customer is wearing a wet t-shirt or bathing suit, for example, avoid placing the tattoo directly under their wet clothing.

Q. Are the tattoos waterproof?

A. Yes, our temporary airbrush tattoos (tats) are waterproof, however you must take care of them.

Q. How do you take care of them?

A. Follow the following instructions:

Q. How long before they are dry?

A. They are dry immediately.

Q. How do you take them off?

A. Rubbing alcohol or oil. Rubbing alcohol takes them off immediately.

Q. Is this a Henna?

A. No! Henna is an ink that stains your skin. EBA airbrush airbrush tattoos do not stain your skin; they sit on top of your skin and can be removed immediately.

Q. Is it safe?

A. The body paints are made with all FDA approved non-toxic ingredients. Alcohol is the most possibly irritating ingredient although we have NEVER even heard of any problems with any of our tattoos. Do not spray the ink into the eyes and avoid the face.

Travel Questions

Q. How far will you travel?

A. Up to an hr away is no additional charge. Over 1hr, travel expense will be discussed and will depend on duration of event.

T-shirt or Freestyle Artist Questions:

Q. Do you provide the t shirts or do I? (sweats, hats, or any other product)

A. Client generally provides the garments, but we freely share sources so you can get the best prices. This way you determine the quality and quantity you wish to invest in and give to your guests.

Q. Is there a minimum?

A. Yes, there is a 3 hr minimum for any service. The 3 hrs is time that we actually work. Travel time, set-up and tear-down time is NOT included in the hours that you are billed.

Q. What time do you arrive?

A. We arrive ½ hr before start time (sometimes earlier) and are ready to start painting at start time.

Q. What are the set-up requirements or limitations?

A. We can set up anywhere where you can place a 2-6 ft tables, near an outlet. For multiple artists, more space maybe required.
Near a corner is best.
While the paints are non-toxic, we’d recommend to be set up away from a food buffet area.

Q. Do you need electricity to operate?

A. Only when we’ve been placed in a dark corner, do we need an outlet in order to provide necessary lighting for our artists. If outside in brightly lit areas, no outlets may be necessary. We will discuss at before contract signing.

Q. Can you work in the middle of a park-like setting where there is NO electric available and NO generator?

A. YES. We can provide electric-free tanks that allow all our airbrush artists (tats and t’s) to perform the entertainment. This would be in daylight hrs so that darkness is not a concern.

Q. How many people do you send?

A. That depends on your needs. Contract will specify exactly how many people will service your event. Generally 2 or more people.

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